@ MuSo

MuSo wants to create a safe and secure environment, and empowers children with the belief that they can help solve the most important challenges that the world is facing today. Each of our spaces is designed to cater to different elements of our learning and engagement model.

MuSo Labs

An advanced immersive experience with a variety of interactive exhibits that will introduce children to the real world. The content will be periodically updated based on different themes ranging from biodiversity, to empathy, to cities, and to plastic usage.

  • The Game Lab

    The Game Lab uses both familiar and cutting-edge games to prime children for collaboration, risk-taking, out-of-the-box thinking.

  • The Discovery Lab

    The Discovery Lab are multi-sensory stations where children discover new themes and take a deep dive into advanced problem solving strategies.

  • The Community Atelier

    The Community Atelier is a place to meet and be inspired by expert thinkers, doers, and creators in our local communities - from scientists, to indigenous artists, and local mechanics.

  • The Make Lab

    The Make Lab exposes children to new materials and processes at the intersection of creativity, technology, and change. Children learn to prototype with state-of-the-art tools, receive feedback, and work in teams to make the world a better place.

  • The Calm Lab

    The Calm Lab is a place for children who need a little down time to think and reflect, work in a journal, listen to music, or just be on their own.

Play Lab

An entire floor dedicated to playful exploration of STEAM principles. Here, children confront challenges, test solutions, and learn-by-doing in a series of live hands-on activities. The Water Lab introduces MuSo’s youngest visitors to physics and water conservation.


Outdoor terrace and garden for programs, group gatherings, and after-hours social events. The MuSo Sustainability Showcase features rotating exhibitions on renewable energy and natural resources.

Workshops and programmes

The workshop and programs are based on multidisciplinary tools that aim at bringing about a mindset shift in the child, nudging behavioral shifts, and helping them build skills for the future. Essentially, programs will be of three types:

  • Sparks

    Short impactful activities that give children a quick dive into problem solving and reflection.

  • Missions

    Longer exploratory missions will allow children to take a deeper look at the issues that concern them and collaboratively develop solutions.

  • Quests

    Longer fellowships in the form of transformative experiences that allow children to learn by doing in a real-world setting.