Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are we a museum?

    A museum is not just a space of cultural importance with exhibits and artifacts. Today the definition of museum is changing and is becoming broader to include experiential learning. MuSo is a safe, accessible and inclusive community which allows children to make their own interpretations at their own pace.

  • Who will be your key audience/stakeholders and their role?

    Children are the beating heart of the MuSo. Everything has been redesigned around their needs and dreams, and we constantly look for their opinions and feedback to check that we are on the right track.

  • What is the single most important objective you would like to achieve through this initiative?

    Children have the belief that they CAN make a difference to the world and provide different opportunities to make this change happen. It is not the solution but the process that is more important.

  • Is there any similar model elsewhere in the world or is it a pioneering effort?

    There are many children’s museums all over the world. Each of them doing different elements of what we are trying to do however there is no one museum that is being replicated here. Hence making this a pioneering effort, the first of its kind.