The Museum of
empowers children to build a
better world together through
hand's on experiences based
on the
real world.

Know MuSo

Our purpose

Inspire, enable and empower children to bring meaningful change in the world together, today.

We believe every child is unique, learns differently and has immense potential to build a better future. We experiment with diverse methodologies to ensure all of them think, imagine and create to the best of their abilities.

We encourage them to question everything, voice their ideas freely and advocate for themselves, others, and their future. From solving issues that affect the world to developing impactful tools, MuSo is an inclusive space where children are inspired to be critical thinkers, innovators and problem-solvers.

Our pillars

  • Boldly child-led

    MuSo creates unique, personal journeys for each child that are curated and designed in a way that connects children to what they care about.

  • Radically inclusive

    MuSo wants to create experiences where children find common ground with those different from themselves.

  • Rooted to reality

    MuSo is a space that allows children to create their own view and own relationship to the context around them.

Our values

  • Make mistakes

    All attempts matter, keep trying.

  • Dream together

    Think big and work with others.

  • Think collaboratively

    Partnerships are essential to developing solutions.

  • Celebrate learning

    Have fun and enjoy.

  • Share knowledge

    encourage children to share and learn from others.

Our approach

How we inspire

The exhibits are a key feature at MuSo, in which immersive and interactive experiences will help children discover and understand the world around them. The content for these exhibits will be based on our revolving themes: Water, People + Planet, Mental and physical well-being and Sustainability + Me. The themes will inspire our visitors to take action to take on challenges that they would like to solve.

  • Water
  • People + planet
  • Mental and physical
  • Sustainability + me

How we enable

All learning experiences that take place will be derived from a common “recipe” that stands as the unique MuSo methodology. This methodology is designed for flexible implementation, and is built on five core elements. It can be represented as

with friends, we new things together, with problems that bother us, solutions and take action for a better world.

MuSo Lab and Muso’s Digital Platform will have an array of curated programs continuously running for children, educators and parents. It will encourage taking up challenges to collaboratively solve real world problems.

How we empower

MuSo plays an active role in creating the conditions for children to share their opinions and ideas with local and global leaders. MuSo acts as a conduit, creating these connections and letting children know that their voice matters.