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Museum of Grey Sunshine

The Museum of Grey Sunshine is an empathy based pop-up exhibition highlighting the realities of Indian Education System. The museum exhibits are inspired by the book 'Grey Sunshine - Stories from Teach For India’ written by Sandeep Rai. The experiences are a simulation of our Indian education system and make the audience step into the shoes of children and educators, who are the key stakeholders of the system and understand its complexities from their point of view. It is a compilation of hard hitting facts, stories and experiences our children and teachers have to go through everyday. The experiences are designed to move each of its participants to play a role in spreading an excellent education to all children.

The Museum of Grey Sunshine was originally designed for the KER National Summit February 2019. The exhibition was reworked and new interactive experiences were included for the KER National Summit held in New Delhi in February 2020.

The Museum of Grey Sunshine is an eye-opening simulation of the education system - with all its grey and the promise of sunshine for India's children. Walk into a space and experience discrimination, inequity, mindless learning, abuse and humiliation. Understand the grave implications of where our country and world will be if we don't act with urgency now. Walking through the museum left people shocked, humbled and convinced that changing education is an imperative.

Shaheen Mistri

CEO, Teach for India