Find us at:

Victoria House,
Kamla Mill Complex,
Lower Parel, Mumbai.
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We’re centrally located between vital north-south transport routes, making it easily accessible by public and private transport.

MuSo building

MuSo building architecture and interiors is envisioned as an environmentally conscious exhibit in itself, with a showcase of numerous innovative ideas. MuSo is a living example of an ecologically responsive building for young people and the community to see and learn what is possible if we work together with a sustainable future in mind.

Illustration is an artistic impression indicative of the actual design.
  • Roof Top

    Outdoor terrace and garden for programs, group gatherings, and after-hours social events. The MuSo Sustainability Showcase features rotating exhibitions on renewable energy and natural resources.
  • 9th floor
    MuSo Labs

    An advanced maker-space inspired facility with a variety of hands-on labs that help children work together to take their ideas into the real world. The content of these labs will be periodically updated based on different themes ranging from biodiversity, to empathy, to cities, and to plastic usage.
  • 8th floor
    Play Lab

    An entire floor dedicated to playful exploration of STEAM principles. Here, children confront challenges, test solutions, and learn-by-doing in a series oflive hands-on activities. The Water Lab introduces MuSo’s youngest visitors to physics and water conservation.
  • 7th floor
    Museum Exhibits (Phase 2)

  • 6th floor
    Rental for office

  • 2nd to 5th floor
    Parking + Recycling Center on the 5th Floor

    A part of the 5th floor parking lot shall serve as a recycling center and a collection point for recyclable waste generated from the building and the community around us. The children will learn about different types of plastic waste and how to recycle it effectively for our sustainable future. The machines at the center will turn shredded plastic waste into diverse unique products.
  • First floor
    Multipurpose Gallery and MuSo office

    A 6000 sq ft Multipurpose space on the first floor that looks into the amphitheater will be used as gallery or event space along with the MuSo office.
  • Ground Floor
    Lobby and amphitheater

    The entrance lobby has the ticketing counter, store, auditorium and the MuSo Project Archives which is a temporary exhibition curated by local and global youth. The Ground floor, along with the Lobby has a 250seater amphitheater with top of the line acoustics and performance facilities. The theater is designed as a flexible space which can be opened towards the lobby when not in use, for orientation of school groups.

MuSo’s five point sustainable agenda

  • Embrace the Circular Economy

    The Earth is running out of resources and there cannot be a constant supply of newer materials. Our goal is to focus on using some materials that would have otherwise ended up in the dumping yards in new ways. We plan to use house waste products like tetra packs for benches, plastic waste for flooring and MLPs for the boundary wall etc.

  • Be Sustainable in all aspects of design and execution

    Children learn best from examples they can see, touch and experience. MuSo’s goal is to inspire sustainable action and we intend to do it through our day to day operations to minimize the carbon footprint of the building by reducing water and electricity consumption, using VOC free child friendly paints that lead to less indoor pollution and better air quality etc.

  • Achieve a LEED Platinum certification

    That recognizes that the Muso building is efficient, cost-effective, and better for occupants and the environment.

  • Inspire children to take positive action in their own lives and communities

    We want children to learn small ideas from the building that they can carry back home and implement. These can be very simple ideas like having plants and trees in and around your house to create a better microclimate or recycle and reuse plastic to create new products through our recycling centre.

  • Show how success comes through collaboration

    We want to collaborate with the community and create an ecosystem for sustainable ideas and build a volunteer base that believes in our ideas and take our message even further. We plan to have regular collection drives that can generate materials for use in our make lab for rapid prototyping.